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The Perfect Nordic Simplicity

More than decade HomePro has been specializing in custom architectural designs, modern building technology and latest scientific achievements in  close cooperation with world leading industrial research institute named SINTEF. Our goal is to enhance the way in which people interact with the spaces they spend most of their time in. We have extensive experience with a wide variety of different projects. Get in touch with us to learn more about our work.

Our creative team of 10 experts has designed many unique buildings, landscapes, structures and landmarks since our firm's founding in 2009. Our goal is to create spaces that suit the needs of the people living or working in them. We design projects for different industries and clients around the world. Check out some of our most recent projects and feel free to contact us with any questions.





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From the first look this quite simple chimney is definitely designed to impress and judging by the reactions of visitors, it manages to do just that. Our design made sure to provide easy access to the fireplace all while maintaining a regal and majestic feel. We encourage you to get this masterpiece whenever you get the chance or  You can just order this from HmePro 

Spiritual home design

As a space intended for the use of the family, spiritual design  is one of our favorite attitudes. In our view, it is the perfect combination of design and practicality. If you’re ever in the Tallinn area, we encourage you to stop by for a visit our showroom and see it for yourself. Contact us to learn more about our incredible projects.

Eagle house

We designed our Eagle project with a modern, clean look that is both practical and inspirational. The Eagle house offers a unique and enjoyable experience suited to family, no matter their age. HomePro was inspired by the region’s architecture and natural environment and our team decided to base the design of the project on those elements.

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